Windsor Castle (3D model reconstruction c.1272)

Windsor Castle - A Thousand Years of a Royal Palace

Digital Reconstructions

In May 2016, The Royal Collection Trust commissioned me to produce a series of high-detail visual reconstructions of Windsor Castle for their new publication "Windsor Castle - A Thousand Years of a Royal Palace". My reconstructions help to bring the first few hundred years of the castle's history to life from the time it was founded during the reign of William the Conqueror, to the Tudor period and the reign of Henry VIII. These illustrations are guided and inspired by the meticulous historical research of Dr. Steven Brindle who is the principal author and editor of this magnificent book.

The book, launched on 24th April 2018, features three exterior and four interior full-colour reconstructions. Taking almost nine months to accomplish, these are among the most detailed illustrations I have ever produced and were a tremendous joy to work on. The book can be purchased from most major book stores and via the Royal Collection Shop.


News - Royal Collection Trust (25 April 2018)

New research and artists impressions, including a reconstruction of Henry VIIIs private chamber, shed light on Windsor Castles 1,000-year history

Press Release - Royal Collection Trust (25 April 2018)

Fascinating images show original Windsor Castle after it was built to defend against medieval Home Counties

The Independent (25 April 2018)

Windsor Castle - A Thousand Years of a Royal Palace.
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