Using my work / Licensing

Personal Artworks

My personal projects are FREE to use for non-commercial use under Creative Commons 4.0 BY-NC-ND licence. These can be identified in my portfolio by the label CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. This license permits the copying and redistribution of my work in any medium or format provided that you give appropriate attribution or acknowledgement to me. You must not modify my artwork, remove or obscure my copyright or digital watermark. If you are displaying my work anywhere online including social media posts, a reciprocal link back to my website is appreciated. Please refer to my Non-Commercial Image License Agreement for more terms and conditions. For commercial use enquiries, please contact me.

Commissioned Artworks

My Commissioned Works are NOT available for sale as digital copies or prints, nor am I able to grant permission for their use privately or commercially. Permission should be sought from the commissioning client. These details are normally displayed with the image in my portfolio. If you are unsure who the copyright owner is, then please contact me.

Image licensing rates for commercial use

Fees apply for the use of my artworks in commercial projects. Examples include advertising, television programmes (broadcast), computer games, or any other type of product where a profit is generated directly, or indirectly from the sale. Some exemptions are programmes or computer games which can be classed 'educational' and/or projects which generate profits for charitable purposes. To purchase a license please read Licensing Rates.pdf (PDF, 164Kb), and contact me.

Obtaining print-ready (high-resolution) artworks

If you are using my images in printed material, please DO NOT take the images directly from my website, these are compressed digital images optimised for website display and will not look their best if printed which reflects my work badly. Always ask me and I will provide you with high-quality artwork files to use.

3D Models

I do not sell the 3D models that I create for my projects. Some models may be available to purchase via my Sketchfab account with certain limitations.