The Banqueting House, London

Bob Marshall - Historical reconstruction artist & 3D modelmaker

I produce detailed architectural illustrations and historical reconstructions using digital techniques and computer 3D models. My work features in books, interpretive signage, animations and interactive multimedia for exhibitions, museums and visitor attractions.

My clients include The Royal Collection Trust, Historic Environment Scotland, Historic Royal Palaces, English Heritage and Glasgow School of Art. Please browse some of my previous work and projects and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Please note that many of my illustrations are private commissions and are not available to buy either as prints, digital files or 3D models unless otherwise stated.

"I had the good fortune to work with Bob on the reconstructions of Orford Castle. He combines excellent skills as an artist with valuable knowledge of historic buildings and impeccable communication skills. It’s a delight to watch his illustrations evolve draft by draft and Bob’s style gives his work a feeling of authenticity. He is adept at both exteriors and interiors, with an excellent appreciation of composition and the use of light. Not only does Bob produce outstanding reconstructions but the process from start to finish is smooth and clearly articulated."

Richard Nevell. Properties Historian, English Heritage

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