About the Artist

Digital art has fascinated me ever since I left school. I worked as a graphics artist within the medium of video, television and interactive multimedia during the 1990s and I continued this work on a freelance basis from 2002. A few years afterwards, an opportunity arose to work on a series of heritage interpretation projects which sparked my interest in using digital technology and 3D models to visually reconstruct historic buildings and monuments. In March 2022 I joined the Learning and Interpretation Team within the Curatorial Department at English Heritage where I now work as a full time Architectural Illustrator and Digital (3D) Reconstruction Artist.

My methods and treatments

My work is a close partnership with historical consultants and cultural experts who guide my reconstructions. It’s a process that I enjoy very much and I have the chance to work with and learn from some fascinating people. The cornerstone of my digital reconstructions are the use of digital 3D models which are incredibly useful for planning and creating some of my complex scenes.

Technical Skills

My 3D models are created with Blender 3D, the open source 3D modelling and rendering program now popular with more than one million digital artists across the world. I also use a wide variety of other creative tools in my production workflow to include most of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. I frequently produce sketch drawings using Procreate for the iPad, and I work with other specialist tools from time to time such Unreal Engine and GIS software (QGIS).

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Project updates

I don't use a mailing list, so please add my RSS feed to your favourite news reader app if you would like to stay updated when I publish new work and projects. I also post occasional news on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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"I had the good fortune to work with Bob on the reconstructions of Orford Castle. He combines excellent skills as an artist with valuable knowledge of historic buildings and impeccable communication skills. It’s a delight to watch his illustrations evolve draft by draft and Bob’s style gives his work a feeling of authenticity. He is adept at both exteriors and interiors, with an excellent appreciation of composition and the use of light. Not only does Bob produce outstanding reconstructions but the process from start to finish is smooth and clearly articulated."

Richard Nevell. Properties Historian, English Heritage

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