Orford Castle (early 13th century)

Orford Castle

Digital Reconstructions

Orford Castle in Suffolk, is one of England’s most complete and unusual keeps. It was built between 1165 and 1173 by Henry II of England in an attempt to counter the supremacy of nobles like the Bigods in this area of Suffolk, and to act as a coastal defence against the threat of foreign invasion.

I was commissioned to produce a set of six detailed reconstruction images of Orford Castle for English Heritage's new guidebook written by author and historian Dr. Steven Brindle, who also guided my reconstructions of medieval Windsor Castle.

This was a joint project involving myself, Carlos Lemos (English Heritage) and castle historian Richard Nevell (Properties Historian, English Heritage). Carlos provided me with measured 3D models of the castle and its interior spaces. I then took over to create the detailed illustrations using Carlos' 3D models for reference. Richard was responsible for writing the historical brief which guided these reconstructions with additional input and feedback from author Steven Brindle. The project took just under four months.

I produced five reconstruction images (see below) showing how some of the castle's interior spaces may have looked in the early thirteenth century which included its great hall, bedchamber, kitchen, chapel and prison. Two exterior reconstructions were also produced - one showing the castle against the backdrop of the developing medieval town of Orford which was used in the guidebook.

Orford Castle
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