Website Privacy Policy

This website does not collect or store any of your personal information or data. I do not use third-party analytics software or tracking cookies to monitor visitors or their behaviour on my website. Some of the pages on my website may set temporary session cookies in order to provide an improved experience for visitors.

Your Data

If you use the enquiry form on my contact page to contact me, your name, email address and any other details you choose to share with me are sent directly to my email address and a copy of your message will be emailed back to you for your reference. Please check your spam/junk mail bin if you do not receive this. Your details will be stored in my address book for the sole purpose of contacting you. These details will only be used by me and I will never share this information with anyone without your written permission. Your contact details will not be used to send you marketing or promotional material, although I may sometimes need to reach past contacts or clients to provide essential information relating to services or products I may have provided or have offered to provide in the past. I may retain emails for a period of up to six years for reference purposes. You have the right to request the details of any personal information I hold about you and you can request that I update or remove this information at any time.

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