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Please use the form on this page to email me if you would like more information on my work. Alternatively, call me on the following number (9-5pm Mon-Fri).

0131 663 2700

Buying / using my work

Please note that I am a commercial artist and most of my work is commissioned by clients who own the rights to the works I produce. I do not sell prints of my artwork nor can I grant permission for resuse whether it's for personal, educational or commercial use. For enquiries about using the works displayed on my website please contact the copyright owner directly.


If you would like to commission me, please read my Information Booklet (PDF 40Kb) which explains how I go about my work, timescales, fees, copyright etc.

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The information you enter in this form will be sent directly to my email address and a copy of your message will be emailed back to you for your reference. Please check your spam/junk mail bin if you do not receive this. Your details will be stored in my address book for the sole purpose of contacting you. These details will only be used by me and I will never share this information with anyone without your written permission. Your contact details will not be used to send you marketing or promotional material, although I may sometimes need to reach past contacts or clients to provide essential information relating to services or products I may have provided or have offered to provide in the past. I may retain emails for a period of up to six years for reference purposes. You have the right to request the details of any personal information I hold about you and you can request that I update or remove this information at any time.

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