Buying my work

Enquiries about using the works shown on my website

Please be aware that the majority of the artworks which I display on my website are commissions which are produced exclusively for my client's use and the commission normally includes ownership of copyright. THESE IMAGES ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE to the public. If you wish to obtain permission to use an image on my website then please make a direct enquiry with the copyright owner. These details are always displayed with the image. Please DO NOT ask me for permission to use an image on behalf of the copyright owner.

I do sell selected works which I retain full rights to and where my name is displayed as the owner of copyright. You are welcome to make enquiries about purchasing a license to use these. A fee may apply depending on your intended use of the image (see Image licensing rates).

Please DO NOT take images directly from my website, these are compressed digital images optimised for website display and will not look their best if printed which reflects my work badly. Always ask me and I will provide you with access to high-quality artwork.

Image licensing rates

Download: Licensing Rates.pdf (PDF, 164Kb)

To purchase a license please call me on 0131 663 2700.